The nutrient demand of a calving, lactating and rebreeding cow is 40% higher than a dry cow. The challenge of every cow-calf producer is to feed rations that satisfy this increased demand 30 to 60 days before calving to produce a healthy calf. Complete calving mineral supplements are important not only for their benefit to the calf, but should also be fed to the cow through rebreeding for optimal rebreeding results.

Dry forages fall well short of supplying the daily recommended levels of minerals, trace minerals and vitamins required by a brooding cow. Volumes of university research and field testing show that supplementing rations with a quality mineral supplement may:

  1. Produce heavier calves at weaning
  2. Maintain body condition during the stress of pregnancy
  3. Support milk production
  4. Support conception rates
  5. Support the immune system of newborn calves
  6. Ease with clean-out & rebreeding

Several of Kay Dee’s Super Ranger Kaydets Granular Mineral are formulated for the special needs of the calving, lactating, and rebreeding phases of production. Kay Dee also offers a mineral block specific for calving, lactating, and rebreeding.  All of these solutions are balanced formulations of minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins designed to satisfy the special nutrient needs of calving, lactating and rebreeding cows.

  1. High levels of copper and zinc support a strong immune system in the cow and her calf
  2. Balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratios improve phosphorus utilization
  3. High levels of important organic trace minerals prevent deficiencies
  4. High levels of vitamins A, D & E support calving and conception rates


Kay Dee offers the following mineral products for calving, lactating & rebreeding:


  1. Super Ranger CLR Kaydets
  2. Super Ranger 10 XTRA Kaydets
  3. Super Ranger 8.2 XTRA


  1. Super Ranger CLR Mineral Block