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Tall fescue is the most common type of pasture forage in the U.S. due to its drought resistance, cool-season hardiness, nutrition quality, and performance in poor soil conditions. Depending on different levels of rainfall and soil content, the quality of tall fescue can be dramatically reduced by the introduction of “fescue fungus,” or endophyte-infected seed heads on mature fescue plants.

The fungus is not visible to the human eye but over 90% of tall fescue pastures in the U.S. are infected. Areas with lower than average rainfall have higher percentages of infected seed heads. Therefore, the fungus predominantly affects regions in the southern U.S., and can give grazing cattle what is commonly called “summer slump.” Cattle consuming endophyte-infected fescue grasses may exhibit:

  1. Reduced conception rates
  2. Lower milk production
  3. Reduced weight gains
  4. Lower feed intake
  5. Elevated body temperatures
  6. Loss of ear and tail tips
  7. Rough & unhealthy hair coat

Providing the proper supplements, vitamins, and minerals will prepare animals for “summer slump” by boosting their immune systems, supporting proper rumen function, controlling toxins, and increasing conception rates. Kay Dee Fescue mineral products are specifically formulated to increase performance in cattle grazing tall fescue grasses. Kay Dee Fescue Mineral products contain:

  1. Elevated levels of Vitamin E, which are highly bioavailable and boost the immune, respiratory, and digestive systems.
  2. Mineral clays that target endophytes, believed to lower the number of toxins.
  3. MOS (Mannan oligosaccharides) a complex carbohydrate derived from a select strain of yeast that assists in maintaining beef cattle performance and supporting rumen health.

MOS-fed cattle have been shown to maintain optimal growth, even under stressful conditions. MOS may prevent certain pathogens from attaching to the gut wall. Producers should start using Kay Dee Fescue mineral products in the early summer months and use as long as the cattle are grazing tall fescue grass whether in pastures or on hay.

Kay Dee offers the following mineral proucts to feed with fescue forages:


  1. Super Ranger Fescue Super 6 Kaydets
  2. Super Ranger Fescue 6 Kaydets


  1. Kay Dee Granular Fescue Mineral