ultra phos monocalcium phosphate

All commercial calcium phosphate feeds are a mixture of monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (MCP) and dicalcium phosphate anhydrous (DCP). Different ratios of MCP and DCP are produced in the end product according to a variety of conditions.
It is important to understand that MCP (monocalcium phosphate) is much more available to livestock (that is, absorption of phosphorus is higher with MCP) than is DCP (calcium phosphate).This means smaller amounts of MCP can build stronger bones, increase general health, increase feed efficiency, and reduce mortality when compared with DCP. Using the highest level possible of MCP is crucial for animal health and productivity.

Kay Dee’s sister company, Ultra-Phos, manufactures a finished product with a very high ratio of MCP to DCP. The process is constantly monitored so that the finished product runs as high as 85% MCP and only 15% DCP. Ultra-Phos contains up to twice as much MCP as their competitors.

Because phosphorus is key to herd health and productivity, Kay Dee uses Ultra-Phos® as our phosphorus source. Products from Kay Dee Feed Company offer higher bioavailability of phosphorus for livestock.

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