Late season grasses and winter forage may not provide the necessary amounts of protein and other nutrients to maintain animal productivity. Protein blocks and tubs from Kay Dee turn low-cost forages into high-value feed.

Feeding a Kay Dee protein block will provide enough protein, minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins to balance even the most severely deficient rations. Kay Dee’s protein blocks are easy to handle and are effective for herd performance. Kay Dee protein blocks allow more feeding stations per animal so crowding is not an issue. When crowding isn’t an issue, each member of the herd can experience more consistent consumption. There is no container to dispose of.

Kay Dee R & R Fortifier Protein Tubs provide vital nutrients with low consumption keeping cost per head per day low. R & R Fortifier Tubs contain beet molasses sugars and fat for high energy levels along with key nutrients: phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, D & E. R & R Fortifier Tubs are made with high-quality organic trace minerals for greater bioavailability and absorption. They are easy to handle, weather resistant, and not affected by rain, heat or cold. Containers are non-returnable and recyclable.

Kay Dee’s HI-EN-R-GY Protein Tubs supply extra energy and protein to supplement fall and winter forage. The precision manufacturing process ensures accurate consumption. The rich aroma of molasses attracts cattle while proper hardness and formulation ensures consistent consumption. Kay Dee HI-EN-R-GY Tubs contain cane molasses sugars and fat for high energy levels as well as: phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A & D. HI-EN-RGY Tubs are weather-resistant - they will not dissolve in rain and are not affected by heat or cold. Some products in the HI-EN-R-GY line are available with MOS (mannanoligosaccharide) which is beneficial during the stress of calving season. Containers are nonreturnable and recyclable.


Kay Dee offers the following supplemental protein products:


  1. 20% Block with Bovatec (20% Protein/6.8% NPN)
  2. Range Grazer 37 Block (37% Protein/19% NPN)
  3. Stock Block 37 (37% Protein/24% NPN)
  4. K-Ration 50 Block (50% Protein/29% NPN)

Kay Dee offers the following all-natural protein products:


  1. K-20 All-Natural Block (20% Protein)
  2. Range Grazer 20 Block (20% Protein)
  3. K-28 All-Natural Block (28% Protein)


  1. R & R Fortifier Mineral Tub (7% Protein)
  2. R & R Fortifier Stress Tub (14% Protein)
  3. R & R Fortifier 20 Tub (20% Protein)
  4. R & R Fortifier 28 Tub (28% Protein)