Jeff Krier, Ashland, Kansas:

“I’ve been running my operation for 12 years and have used several different mineral products. About a year ago, I switched to Kay Dee’s Super Ranger 8.2 Granular Mineral with CTC. Although the cattle ate a lot at first, they backed off after a few days. Weather doesn’t affect this mineral at all, and it holds up in the elements.

“My herd has done very well since starting on Kay Dee’s mineral. My cows clean better and breed back quickly. Conception rates increased from 92% last year to 98% this year. My calves are healthier – they hit the ground going! I’m very pleased with Kay Dee’s mineral.”

Becky James, Beaver, Oklahoma:

“My husband has over 65 years of experience in registered polled hereford breeding. I’ve been involved in the business for about 13 years. Since then, we had tried many different mineral products before switching to Kay Dee’s Granular Calving Mineral (CLR). Before making the switch, I compared Kay Dee’s tag to several others - it was a superior product. Kay Dee’s Calving Mineral was priced higher than other mineral products, but in the long run it’s given a great return on our investment. We’re very pleased with Kay Dee’s Granular Calving Mineral.

“We keep our herd on Kay Dee’s Calving Mineral year-round. We calve in the fall, and this year we didn’t lose a single calf. Our cattle have healthier looking skin – there are not as many dry patches and their coats are shinier than before. None of the mineral is wasted. It’s palatable enough that they like it, but the cattle don’t over-consume after the initial few days of feeding.”

Nick Stein, Portsmouth, Iowa:

“This year, I began using granular mineral products from Kay Dee, and I’ve been happy with each one I have used. I started with the co-product balancer on dry gestating cows in late winter prior to calving. A week before pasture turnout, I switched to the high-mag mineral for grass tetany season. In late spring, I started the cows on the calving mineral – CLR with CTC and IGR for fly control. This product worked great – flies were minimal, cows achieved a 96% conception rate, and the calves weaned off at heavier weights than in past years.

“I’ve used other brands of granular mineral, but so far I’ve had the best results with Kay Dee’s products. The mineral holds up well to the elements and can be fed in open topped containers without caking or blowing away. Consumption was right on target after an initial period of overconsumption due to its high palatability in comparison to other products. I’ve had great experiences with Kay Dee’s customer support and would recommend them to other producers.”

Terry Bailey, Towner, North Dakota:

“I started using the Kay Dee Summer Granular Mineral with CTC & IGR about 4 years ago in early spring. Once summer hit, my cows weren’t huddled together trying to avoid flies like they were in some of my neighboring pastures. Instead of standing in slews, my cows were out on pasture grazing. Because of this, my herd experienced almost no foot rot issues. My cows didn’t have runny eyes or pink eye issues either.

“The Kay Dee Summer Granular Mineral with CTC and IGR is a very good product. I’d recommend it to any cow/calf producer. I recommended the product to several producers I know, and they’ve started using it with the same great results.”

Lynn Hennings, Hartley, Iowa:

“My father successfully used Kay Dee products for years. Being a second generation cattle producer, I have continued the tradition of using Kay Dee products and have had great success. I use Kay Dee’s Granular Calving Mineral and A ’n’ Dee Vitamin Supplement in my rations. The Calving Mineral is a great product - it really works! The product is not too fine, it doesn’t blow away and I continue to have good results with clean out and rebreeding.”